The written word is a sacred art form, used to enhance the mind, the spirit and the soul. The expression brought forth can envelope our senses; invoke dreams and calm even the most enraged heart. I use it to attempt to display who I am and bring forth my inner person; I've developed it over time and I will do my best to rewrite some of my older writing as well. For my older writing I've attempted to retrace the essence and state I was in at the time I created it.

A Blissful Day

Each day we rise from our beds, we open our eyes, we stretch, we taste what lingers in our throats, we smell the air, and we hear our alarm. Most of the time we awaken and we reach our arms over to silence the annoyance of that alarm. Some of us (like me), often want to sleep in, their bed is so comfortable, pillows so warm, sheets so enticing... And we feel that if we sleep for just ten more minutes that it will make a world of difference. So we close our eyes, and we go back to sleep and await the next alarm to go off. Again we wake, and we say "I'm so comfortable I'll just lay here and I won't fall back to sleep, I'll keep my eyes open, and in just a few minutes I'll be up". We awaken a few more minutes later than we expect and we rush through the entire morning routine, rush to work and our day begins as a hectic mess.

Each day does not have to be like this..

If we make our world into one where when we wake, and something wonderful awaits then rarely do we even wait for our alarm. The falsity in the 'alarm' is that we depend on it; but as you surely understand on most days where you can sleep in, you wake up, on time, and mosey around your room slowly and surely. The rush is rarely there; but the feeling that if you sleep in, you'll miss the day.. Or you'll be too late to get upstairs and make breakfast that you may as well just wait for lunch.. Or you'll miss some important thing you enjoy doing on your Saturday or Sunday morning.

Imagine if each day could be like this?

I'm inherently a night person; I can go all morning feeling like a zombie, walking slowly, yawning from meeting to meeting; drinking coffee which never seems to wake me up.. Then walking home slowly and awaiting night to come. I eat a wonderful dinner; and then I actually wake up.

It's the freedom in knowing that I don't have to do anything anymore for the day which allows me to awaken. I never feel tired or drained on my weekends, I generally get less sleep; eat worse, do a lot more, and yet still I have an insurmountable amount of energy? Well, how can this be? I feel it is this way because when I truly want something, I thrive to attain it; I push harder, I do better, I want it more.

I'm slowly returning to myself... The carefree, open minded, free spirted person I was in my youth. I take the days and do the things I want to do; and I'm slowly turning my work week back into this as well. It all starts in the morning; each day.. I turn my alarm into music; I make my routine what I want it to be, I'm learning take control of my day. It's a very slow and gradual process, but I feel it will work.

Imagine if you can, laying down in a warm summer night, on a hill side or in your yard; gazing up at the nights sky. As you lay so still you will find that your eyes slowly adjust to the dark, and the starry sky seems to waken; more and more stars appear, and your sight begins to see further, see stronger and better.. Imagine this is your life. Your common day is cloudy and you never take a minute to sit still.. You're so clouded with chaos and the things you have to do, that you never stop to understand that there are things in your life which you actually may want to do.

If you can understand that life doesn’t stop for you because you have children, or a job, or anything which seems to rule your day.. You can come to see that you still exist.. If you let yourself exist.

Slowly but surely you can begin to see the clouds disappearing in the chaos of your life.

The more you pull yourself from the life you 'have' to live, the more your life will change. Obviously there is responsibilities in all of our lives which we must do, but if we learn to take time for continuing to live our own lives; we will enrich our responsible sides to immense degrees. A balance will quickly occur, and you will see that you'll actually enjoy waking up in the morning and going to work.. You'll relish the song you listen to; you'll look forward to the walk to the train station, look forward to that lovely morning coffee, to get in to work and say 'hello' to your friends. You'll actually care to ask 'how are you', when they answer with something other than 'ok'.

Slowly the stars in your night will appear, they'll grow and your scope will change; you'll tear down the walls of sadness and boredom in your life, and the stars will shine... Even in the day, the stars will shine. And everyone around you will ask you what you've done, what you've changed.. And you can tell them "Nothing, I just decided to live my life, instead of living someone elses'.

All it takes is the realization that if you aren't looking forward to your day or week, or any parts of them.. that those parts are controlling every aspect of your life on a subconscious level.

Try to take a minute to think of how blissful life would be if you looked forward to every minute of it, from the second you woke up in the morning, to the second you went to sleep at night.

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